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Product Photo Shoot project for Absolute Transmission Cables

When we were engaged to design the product website for Absolute Transmission, we were also tasked with doing the product photo shoots. By doing this, we have the added advantage of being able to design the site and color scheme according to what the product photos will look like. This gives the final website a unified look and also allows the business to showcase it's products in an eye-catching manner, thus fulfilling the purpose of the site. The following showcase the chosen final product shots and by looking at the final product site, you can see how the photos are integrated seemlessly into the design.

Absolute transmission interconnects 1

Absolute Transmission interconnects 2

Absolute Transmission Cables

Absolute Transmission  Power Cable 1

Absolute Transmission  Power Cable 2

Absolute Transmission  Power Cable 3

Absolute Transmission  Cables 2

Absolute Transmission  Speaker Cable 1

Absolute Transmission  Power Cable 1

Absolute Transmission  Cables 3

As you can see, our product photos are taken with care to ensure that the desired product image is achieved. By working closely with our client, we were able to combine our web design skills with our photography experience to deliver an impactful web experience for our client's customers.

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